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About Compass Investment

Founded in 1971 by Max A. Mogul, The Compass Organization has grown steadily and remained a prominent part of the real estate landscape in Central Florida.  Since 1971 the Orlando area has continued to grow steadily at one of the fastest rates in the country.  Mr. Mogul also grew his organization at a steady rate over that time, developing five different companies to provide the expertise needed in specific real estate segments.

The activities of The Compass Organization, Inc. are performed by the following five specialized companies: Compass Investment Properties, Inc, Compass Commercial Acquisitions, Inc., Compass Real Estate Management, Inc., Compass Builders, Inc., Compass Homes, Inc.

The Compass Organization, Inc., Consultant

Max A.Mogul - Real Estate Broker

Max A.Mogul

Real Estate Broker

The firm benefits from his prolific track record in investment real estate. He serves as a valuable resource for technical support and market knowledge.

Max is a Real Estate Broker and Developer. He brings over thirty years of experience with him in the acquisition, development and construction of over thirty-five single family housing developments, and the construction of over fifty multi-million dollar commercial real estate projects.

In 1972, he began independently building housing subdivisions such as the 550 plus Camelot Homes project in Casselberry, Florida. He also built many commercial and apartment projects including Aloma Arms in Winter Park, Ridgewood Arms in Sanford, Executive Point Towers and Executive Point Office Buildings in Altamonte Springs, Day Building in downtown Orlando and many other fine buildings throughout Florida.

The Compass Investment Properties, Inc. Team

J. Mike Sigrist  - Real Estate Broker

J. Mike Sigrist

Real Estate Broker

Mike brings over 26 years of commercial real estate experience to the Compass Organization. He has been instrumental in the sale of multi-million dollar properties including golf courses, orange groves, apartment complexes and office buildings. He has represented clients on both the domestic and international level in the acquisition and sale of commercial real estate.

Mike is a graduate of Florida State University and has lived and worked in the Central Florida area for over 40 years.

Ben Baker - Licensed Florida Real Estate Broker

Ben Baker

Licensed Florida Real Estate Broker

Ben has over 15 years of real estate experience including residential development and sales. He also has been instrumental in the acquisition and sales of commercial real estate including restaurants, offices buildings.